Design Sprint


1 Week.
5 Amazing People.
All in.

What will you create?

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Here's what the workshop involves:

In this workshop, you'll be taking your project from problem to testable prototype in 5-days. Being a member of the workshop requires about a 90-minute commitment per day. You'll be responsible for your own project; however, you'll be working with a guide and collaborating with 4 other amazing participants. 

The workshop won't be easy. But, that's the point. If you put in the effort you won't believe what you discover you are capable of.

All sound good to you?

OK, here's our description of the ideal person for this workshop.

You're passionate about collaboration.

Design is meant for sharing. We withhold judgment and establish trust without reservation.

You are committed to listening and sharing. 

We want you to listen first and ask questions second. Our communication will be constructive and honest.

You don't have it all figured out. 

We aren't looking to be impressed by your expertise, nor do we expect you to have all the answers. We admit when we're wrong and when we don't know.

Sound like you?

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