We just need something in common.

In defense of talking about the weather:

Lots of conversations start with the weather. Why? The "how's the weather?" starter has a bad rap, but's it's actually a great starting point for many interactions we have. We are all affected by the weather. It appeals to our curiosity with its unpredictability. We can use the weather as a starting point to express how our weekend went, how we're feeling right now, and what we hope to do in the future.  It's safe to have differing opinions about your preferences. It's something to complain or enjoy, agree or disagree, with just about everyone regardless of age or language experience.

Imagine a new couple, or a new group of friends, getting to know each other - searching for something in common. At the core of our search for a common topic is our desire to be heard - to be included.

So the next time your relative mentions the weather again, don't just roll your eyes… they're probably looking for a bit more than the latest weather bulletin. Use it a starting point, share how the weather relates to you, or create space for them to share how it's impacting them. Where the conversation will go next can be as unpredictable as the weather.

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