Every transformation starts with a disruption.

If you are trying to create a change, focus on the disturbance. Here's the thing about disruptions: They are uncomfortable.

We like the way things are. We rationalize our behavior. We grow attached to what we've spent time doing. Small habits generate inertia that fuels our addictions. We start to hate what we can't have.

So, it's no surprise that almost all disruptions are destined to fade.

If you care enough, the only way to proceed is to try again. Ignored. And again. Lost. And again. Rejected.

Almost all disruptions fade.

But, occasionally something special happens.

The right disturbance, in the right medium, with the right people, at the right time...


If you're driven to create a transformation:

  • What is the disruption?

  • When will it happen?

  • In what medium?

  • With whom?

...How often are you searching for resonance?

...How often are you creating a disruption?

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