Turning the Page

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Why can we be happier with the blank page we started with, than with what we read back to ourselves after 30 minutes of writing?

You'd think that something that you've put time and effort into would make you happy - but what if it isn't? If you can erase it, should you? If you could throw it out, would you?

What if you set that piece of paper, filled with your antiquated fixations, maligned ideas and now damning thoughts, aside and pulled out a new piece of paper? How would that make you feel?


Now, you've got a new piece of paper. Nothing on it yet, and that's okay. You can write whatever you want. Blank pages are easier to write on. This time you'll get a little closer to finding what you actually want.

And next time? You'll be even closer.

Questions to help you identify what to let go:

  • What am I doing right now that I could replace with nothing, and be happier?

  • If I could start over, where would I begin?

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