Opportunities within your relationships

A quick FYI: This is the 3rd and final post in series about how your relationship impact you, check out the 1st post here: Which relationships are having the most impact?

Ready? Let's jump in.

Looking for Opportunities

You've identified which relationships are impacting you the most, and discovered the unique ways that they are effecting you right now. Next, let's looking at each relationship and evaluate where they compare to where you are at, and where you want to go to help us uncover new insights. Our goal is to look for areas where you have opportunities to utilize the relationships you already have that you can learn from. Alternatively, we can do the opposite and look for relationships that may be having a negative effect on us.

Our goal is to spot the areas where you have opportunities to utilize your relationships to grow... and where they may be holding you back.

We'll do this by completing the "ladder" drawing. In this exercise, you will consider your top 5-10 most impactful relationships and mark where you are at right now in each area, and then place the relationships on the ladder relative to you.

For example, you may score highly on "love", but have a friend who you feel is closer to the top of the ladder (your ideal state for love) than you. This could be an opportunity for you to learn how to move "up" the ladder.

In another case, if you have a number of relationships that are below you in a specific area - it could be a warning sign that these relationships might be holding you back in that area. That is not to say that those relationships are bad or that they need to be adjusted, but it does mean that you consider if any of those relationships are impacting you in a way that you hadn't yet considered.

Remember, this isn't a judgement or competition - everyone has different goal at the top of their ladders. It's your ladder, and it goes where you would like it too.

New opportunities

By looking at our relationships in this way, we can start to spot connections, opportunities, and effects that may not have been obvious when we completed the Relationship Map in step 2. As you complete your drawing, think about the following questions:

  • Where are you taking advantage of where others are at? Where are you not?

  • Are there any areas that where almost all of your relationships are above or below where you are at right now?

  • When reviewing your relationships, did notice any patterns?

  • Are there any types of relationships that you want to create?

Does drawing a ladder just make you go "ugh."?

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