What narrative are you creating?

You've probably heard the saying "value experience over stuff".

Who could disagree with that?

...Yet, why can't we stop focusing on the "stuff"?

Our experiences craft our narrative, but the tokins of those experience craft the narrative for everyone else. To reconstruct and share our narrative, we must create things, monuments of the experience. Each monument we build tells others who we are, what we do, and who we belong with. They become the stories we tell ourselves. To us, they are logical - infallible.

We deeply care about our personal narrative.

There are no exceptions. People will even go to great lengths to craft the narrative that they don't care about what other people think about their narrative. Everything in their life will be crafted to match the desired narrative: clothes, car, job, friends, Instagram posts, the pictures at their desk, the stickers on their laptop, and more.

The implications of controlling the narrative surround us. It's why companies aggressively protect their logo, why authoritarian states destroy monuments that oppose their views, and why luxury SUV ads don't show the struggle of grocery shopping as a single parent with kids.

Notice the stuff (or lack thereof) and you'll see the underlying narrative.

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