Levers: Cues

Discovering where habits start.

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Cues are a great lever to focus on when you are trying to create change. Cues are events that cause us to react in some way. Cues can be a cup of coffee (time to focus), a slamming door (someone is mad), or brushing your teeth (time to get dressed next). They are the triggers, prompts, or anchors that create a pattern of habits throughout your day. These "triggers" can cause good or bad habits. If we adjust the cue we can create, change, or break a pattern of behaviors.

Questions for identifying your cues:

  • What is triggering my response?

  • Is this situation actually the reason I feel this way, or is it just an opportunity to express myself?

  • Is there a past situation, similar patterns, or an expected outcome that is influencing my perspective?

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