Small changes that make a big difference

Most of what I teach can be summarized in two statements:

One, we are able to intentionally adjust small aspects of our life.

Two, these small aspects of our life can have a profound impact on our happiness and fulfillment.

As a result, we have greater control over our happiness and fulfillment it might initially appear.

The same principles apply to problems faced by engineers, designers, and marketers. When we face a complex problem, deconstructing it and understanding it allows us to identify opportunities where small adjustments create big changes.

We're looking for leverage.

Just like it's hard to create a compelling story without creating an outline, focusing "more" happiness and fulfillment isn’t a path to success because it isn't actionable right now. Instead, we should focus on things that cultivate the feelings we desire. Then, we can focus on the events, relationships, and interactions that we actually have the ability to control.

Hopefully, this helped you take a small toward something you've been wanting to change. Remember, your specific "levers" will be unique to you. Some people only need a cup of coffee in the morning for it to be a good start, others need a workout or perhaps just a friendly greeting as they walk to work.

What are your levers?

What little things that may occur during your day make it amazing or miserable? Don't ignore them just because they are "small". They have leverage. Treat them like the impactful (and hopefully enjoyable) events that they are.

So, what should you focus on?

I've found that there are 3 common areas that are small enough change and have a lot of leverage: Goals, narratives, and cues.

I'm going to be writing more detailed posts on each of the 3 areas this week. To get the latest posts as I share them, follow me on Instagram @ryanatkeenistic.

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