Crafting Powerful Goals 4/4

The Formula

Organizing our goals a little further, our goal statement formula has 3 key components: An opportunity, a purpose, and a relationship. Let’s review those now.


The first component to our goal formula is your Opportunity. Your opportunity represents the area(s) of your life that are causing a drain in engagement, energy, and joy. These are typically somewhat general - and we suggest that you step back and break your life apart into 4 buckets: Love, Play, Health, and Work. These 4 categories are based on the excellent book by Bill Burnett, Dave Evans, and David John Evans; "Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life".

  • Love is the connection, community, and belonging you feel with partners, family, friends, and colleagues. Love may mean intimacy, or respect and understanding depending on the individual.

  • Play is where you find joy or relaxation. Play is time and energy that helps you recharge and relax. This might be music, watching TV, or attending social gatherings.

  • Health is emotional, physical, and mental. Summed up, it’s how well you feel about what you are able to do, what you are doing, and yourself as you do it.

  • Work is the stuff you do (or have to do). It captures your professional aspirations, your personal goals. You may be paid for this work, or not (e.g. housework)


The second part of the formula is your purpose. It’s what you want to focus on creating or changing that will lead you to have a more engaging and fulfilling life. Your purpose is a little bit like picking a direction. You’ve taken a closer look at your situation, and identified some opportunities to improve. Now, you can set your purpose, or your intention, to address an opportunity by exploring a specific action or focus. Typically it is an action, interaction, or accomplishment that you’d like to achieve.


The final part of our formula is relationships. Your relationships are the interactions you currently have with all the people around you. A relationship is simply the exchange of time, energy, and much more. You can have relationships with friends, family, co-workers, grocery store cashiers, your dog, etc. When you look at your relationships, you want to consider them in the 4 different buckets we described under the opportunities section.

Specifically, look for patterns for how your relationships are impacting you. If you want additional insight, we offer a free course designed completely around understanding and spotting opportunities in your relationships! Remember, some of the biggest and most commonly overlooked impacts will come from where you have no existing relationships or a majority of negative relationships!

Once you have assembled your resources, the next step is to discover which patterns are emerging. These patterns can be used to spot opportunities in your life or relationships to focus on.

Putting It All Together

Congrats! You just learned how to craft powerful goal statements. These goal statements will help you identify opportunities, focus on what’s meaningful to you, and guide the next actions you can take. I'm thrilled that you joined me on this series about crafting personal goal statements. I can't wait to hear about the purpose you discover, the relationships you create, and the dreams you achieve.

And remember...

Decide what is essential

Being honest about what relationships are essential will dictate your future intentions and set boundaries for your design goals.

Set your intentions and boundaries

Being purposeful about your intentions allows you to set boundaries as you prepare to make future changes. After a quick review of your goals, it’s a good time to pause and reflect how much of an impact we’d like for that relationship to have in the future.

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