Crafting Powerful Goals 3/4

Designing Powerful Goals

When we design goals for ourselves we need to allow ourselves to be comfortable with ambiguity. Our goals should be based upon what we feel and know right now, and where we want to go next. Let’s start putting together the formula now.

The first step to crafting goal statement is looking at your life and considering the following statements about our purpose where we want to focus.

Start by asking yourself these questions now:

  • I am here. Right now, what do I understand right now about what impacts my joy, fulfillment, and engagement?

  • Which meaningful area do I want to focus on next?

  • If I could change this meaningful thing in one way, how would I change it?

Notice that these are all internal to you. It’s what you feel. It’s your truth. What you understand, what matters, and where you want focus are all things that exist inside you. The next step is to connect them to things that are external to you; that is to say, to connect them to where and with whom you want these things to take place.

Next, ask yourself these questions now:

  • With whom would this meaningful thing most naturally fit?

  • What relationships exist, or do not exist, that would be most beneficial in helping me changing this meaningful thing?

Notice we didn’t specify how we would create those things. Amazing goals allow for creativity and exploration when we develop solutions.

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