Crafting Powerful Goals 2/4

The Missing Link

The missing link isn’t actually inside you - it’s all around you. It’s the community, the family, friends, and team that makes the impossible possible. We’re going to build our goal statements to incorporate what’s important to us and with whom we want it to take place.

That’s the secret ingredient to our goal recipe.

Your goals won’t just be internal where they could slowly be eroded away as time passes and your passion dulls because of inaction. Your goals will explicitly be designed to create action in the external world because they will specifically be built around creating and leveraging the resources and relationships available to you. That’s one thing that makes our goal formula so powerful. But, that’s not the only thing that’s special about our goal statements.

In the design world, we deal with goals a lot.

It’s kind of our thing.

Optimizing, understanding, and balancing goals for a project is critical to its success. And we’re going to let you in on a little secret? When we are facing a problem with open ended solution, the best goals are directional and temporary - which is just to say that a goal should be based on the best available knowledge at the time. It’s good to adjust them when we have new information. These goals help us discover which direction is the right way to go, and in turn help us understand the problem better… then we can go and revisit our goal to see if it still makes sense. It’s the cycle of discovery and design.

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