Crafting Powerful Goals 1/4

Let’s kick it off with something bold:

Relationships are the key to unlocking your personal potential.

If you feel like you aren't making as much progress as you should, there's probably a disconnect between your purpose (what you want to happen) and your environment (where it happens).

Think about it this way...

Your relationships are how you interact with your environment. It’s the connection between what is internal and what is external — between your purpose, intention, and what actions and reactions actually take place. When there is a disconnect between any of these areas, it leads to a drain of engagement, energy, and joy.

That’s quite a claim, but let’s look at challenging situations some of our prior customers faced:

A self-identified introvert recently made a significant relocation for a new job. In their new role they felt like they were not engaged with their co-workers and community. While they enjoy their work, they regularly left feeling drained, and rarely made plans that engaged them outside of work.

A life coach recently had their child move away from their home for the first time. As a result, relationships, interactions, and balance within the family changed. They were searching for a way to adjust to the new situation and maintain their relationships, as well as what to do with the new space and time.

A lifelong employee had held numerous jobs but harbored aspirations of launching their own business. They knew what they wanted, but couldn’t establish the momentum to get started. They were worried that their dreams would remain just that, dreams.

Each of these people had a challenge, and it wasn’t a new one. They had been dealing with it for a while. You might have a similar challenge that you are facing - something that if you could wish away, you’d be a million times better off. Having these challenges isn’t unique. It isn’t a sign of weakness or low-self worth. It’s a sign of being human.

What does each of these situations have in common?

Well, perhaps we can answer this question in another way first. Think about the things in your life that are going well for you. What do you imagine? You’re likely picturing a place where you feel accomplishment, belonging, and meaning. And that leads us to the answer to the question: Where your relationships are united with your purpose, joy and engagement are effortless, and where they did not, even immense effort resulted in almost no progress or fulfillment - just like the people in our examples.

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