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Designed For Thinking.

At Keenistic, we've always been interested in applying design processes and helping individual and businesses create the future they've dreamed of. Before forming Keenistic, we were used to the specialty design companies providing high-end support to their clients who could foot the bill. Was it effective and valuable? Yes. But was it affordable and accessible to individuals, engineering teams, small business owners? No.

We were frustrated by that inaccessibility. We wanted to make the same design processes and technics accessible to anyone who could leverage them. We wanted to bring design thinking accessible to individuals, managers, small business owners, and we knew there was a better way.

So, we launched Keenistic focused on providing accessible design resources. We help individuals apply design thinking to each of their unique challenges. We provide coaching that gives clients the tools and confidence to deeply understand their problems and create powerful solutions. Our content is designed to be insightful, actionable, and easy to apply.

We hope you'll join us in our mission to make high-quality design resources accessible to everyone.

Hi! I'm Ryan, owner of Keenistic.

We're going to change the way you think about your life. When we started this business, we had a simple question: How could we intentionally design a better life. The bad news: There's no simple formula. The good news: It's possible and endlessly rewarding.​ I hope that you'll join me on our journey to discover how to create a life full of engagement, meaning, and joy. Along the way, we're going build a connected community, uncover surprising insights, and design a life worth living.

Ryan Keeney | Life design coach, instructor, and owner at Keenistic LLC.

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Designed For Thinking.


Want to get unstuck, feel inspired, and know where to start? Explore our courses here.

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Limited space is reserved for clients who are driven to discover additional insight and get results.

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We provide design resources and sprint facilitation for teams of all sizes.

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Want to get unstuck, feel inspired, and know where to start? Unlock your potential here.

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