Hi! I'm Ryan, owner of Keenistic. We're going to change the way you think about your life. When we started this business, we had a simple question: How could we intentionally design a better life. The bad news: There's no simple formula. The good news: It's possible and endlessly rewarding.

I hope that you'll join us on our journey to discover how to create a life full of engagement, meaning, and joy. Along the way, we're going build a connected community, uncover surprising insights, and design a life worth living.

Designing for Engagement


We provide life design coaching and courses that help individuals create happy, engaging and fulfilling lives.


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Leverage our resources to create powerful outcomes for your clients.

Online Courses




We provide businesses and teams with design consulting and training. 




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5-day Connection Challenge

Sign-up for the 5-day relationship impact challenge and you'll never look at your life and relationships in the same way ever again. Discover how your relationships are impacting your dreams, your happiness, your health, and more. Then, learn strategies to discover new opportunities to succeed and a powerful technique for creating a personal plan that will 10x your growth.

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Design Sprint Workshops

Go from problem to testable solution in 1 week. If you are ready to invest in yourself and commit to your project, this is the place. We collaborate, we learn, and we go fast. 

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Relationship Design Course

How would your life change if your relationships were meaningful, empowering, and engaging? What would your career, family, friends, and free time look like? 

Transform your life with the complete relationships design course. It's the step-by-step guide to discovering your purpose, creating fulfilling relationships, and achieving your dreams

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1-On-1 Life Coaching Sessions

Get step-by-step guidance to creating the life you've always dreamed about. Our coaching is designed to give you the ability to create engagement, energy, and joy in every aspect of your life. Receive the specific tools and tactics to create impactful changes in your own life and learn strategies to take ownership of your life.

Be the First

Be the first to know about new opportunities, beta-testing programs, courses, free resources, and access to all the latest top secret stuff in development.

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Want to get unstuck, feel inspired, and know where to start? Unlock your potential here.

(NEW!) Purposeful  Relationships Course

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